Our name comes from the word ‘Edaphology’, which is the study of how soils influence and interact with living things, especially plants. Soil is a living ecosystem for microbes, plants, animals, and humans. Healthy, living soil gives us clean air and water, productive crops and forests, grazing lands, diverse wildlife, and beautiful landscapes. Our solutions aim to keep our soils healthy now, and for generations to come by providing soil and plant health monitoring with our compost tea services.

Edaphic Solutions was started in 2016 with a mission to help people reduce their chemical fertilizer use, grow soil to grow healthy plants, and store carbon into our soils.

Shelby graduated from CU Boulder in 2016, with a degree in Environmental Studies and Geography. She also earned the internationally-renowned Permaculture Design Certificate during her studies. She is continuing her education with online courses about the soil food web and a pesticide certification with the USDA.